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Re: [OT] Video card recommendations.

Paul Johnson wrote:
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Roberto Sanchez <rcsanchez97@yahoo.es> writes:

What I would like to do is get an nVidia card.

Mistake du jour!  You'll only spend more on the nVidia for even
crappier drivers.  Just get a newer Radeon if you want graphics
performance.  I believe there's actually working open drivers for the
ATI adapters.

Problem is that the newer Radeon cards have even worse support
in the open source drivers.  It is really aggravating since
I want a card that will allow me to play my games in Linux.
The two that I play now are Neverwinter Nights and America's
Army.  I would probably get more in the future, but not if I
can't my video card to perform better.

Based on what I have seen by googling for the various problems
that I have had, there are far fewer problems with nVidia
cards than with ATi cards when it comes to Linux gaming.

Anyway, how bad are the nVidia drivers?  The only experience
I have had with them (one high-end workstation in the Linux
lab I formerly admined) was fairly positive.

-Roberto Sanchez

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