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Re: Is there a stable mail client for linux?

Op vr 01-10-2004, om 18:20 schreef Scott Helms:

> Amazing that no one even mentioned Evolution....
> I handle thousands of emails a day and have email that dates back to
> 1999.  The only folders that are ever cleared out are the ones for mail
> lists, everything else stays, in fact the oldest messages have been
> through the following email clients:
> 1.  Outlook 98 (company requirement)
> 2.  Outlook 2000 ""
> 3.  Outlook Express
> 4.  Pegasus
> 5.  Netscape Email client (finally able to use Linux workstation)
> 6.  Evolution

Looks a bit like the route my mail took :)

Nowadays I store all my mail in an IMAP server. The server does not give
a damn about which client I use to read or send mail. Could as well be
Pine, Squirrelmail or (ahem) one of the evil Outlooks. But I prefer

Olav <betenoire@xs4all.nl>

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