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Is there a stable mail client for linux?

My e-mail clients (Thunderbird 0.8 and KMail) just went insane this morning. I hit the 'del' key and TB deleted every message in my inbox that was either older than the message selected or unread. Some were able to be rescued from the 'Trash', but others -- such as the ones I really wanted to keep -- completely vanished. A search failed to turn up the messages.

Then I went to the latest Kmail and it kept presenting me with the same requester and despite hitting the 'cancel' button, continued asking me the same question (did I want to delete a message or cancel). I finally had to log-out and reboot in order to regain control. Is there a secure, solid and stable e-mail client built for linux? I don't want applications to have a mind of their own. ;)



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