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Re: VIA sound problem

hi ya jim

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Jim Lynch wrote:

> I've been completely unable to get sound to work with Debian and any 
> sound card, ever and I've been running Debian for years.  My last 
> attempt was the testing distro and 2.6.8 on a box with the via 82xxx 
> card build into the MB.  I fiinally got it to actually install so the 
> /dev/dsp device was recognized and the alsa mixer must think there is 
> something there because it lets me adjust the gain, but no noise from 
> anything.  Dumping wave files to /dev/dsp or /dev/audio doesn't even 
> work.

you cannot just "dump" sound files to random devices

*.midi being the hardest to get working 
	- /dev/sequencer issues  which implies other kernel config files
	and modules for the midi players need to be properly set

	kmid, kmidi, timidity, playmidi, ...

*.wav is easy ..
	install sox

	play *.wav

*.au being the easiest to make noise
	cat *.au > /dev/audio


which sound modules is installed??
	- oss or alsa ... ( gets confusing ya know )

	- the kernel need to be configured for the proper sound modules

	- i always use my own kernel to eliminate kernel problems

>  I've also installed SUSE 9.1 which is running a 2.6.x kernel and 
> it works fine.  Sounds good.  I compared the modules and as far as I can 
> tell they are the same. 

good to know the hardware works ..
> Just as an aside, I installed CUPS and I can't print.  It says there 

cups is for the birds...

manually edit /etc/printcap ... and start lprng ...
	you might need to enter into the list of local ip
	in its permission files

	you will definitely need a printer filter
	( apsfilter or magicfilter or foomatic... )

c ya

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