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Re: VIA sound problem

Alvin Oga wrote:

hi ya jim

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Jim Lynch wrote:

I've been completely unable to get sound to work with Debian and any sound card, ever and I've been running Debian for years. My last attempt was the testing distro and 2.6.8 on a box with the via 82xxx card build into the MB. I fiinally got it to actually install so the /dev/dsp device was recognized and the alsa mixer must think there is something there because it lets me adjust the gain, but no noise from anything. Dumping wave files to /dev/dsp or /dev/audio doesn't even work.

you cannot just "dump" sound files to random devices
Well you used to be able to cat .wav files to /dev/dsp or /dev/audio, but I don't remember which format went to which device. That was one of the debugging techniques we used to use.

*.midi being the hardest to get working - /dev/sequencer issues which implies other kernel config files
	and modules for the midi players need to be properly set

	kmid, kmidi, timidity, playmidi, ...

*.wav is easy ..
	install sox

	play *.wav

*.au being the easiest to make noise
	cat *.au > /dev/audio


which sound modules is installed??
	- oss or alsa ... ( gets confusing ya know )

	- the kernel need to be configured for the proper sound modules

	- i always use my own kernel to eliminate kernel problems
I always generate a new kernel for Debian. Suse kernels work too good to mess with. I've got both alsa and oss modules installed. I don't have the list with me. It's at home.

I've also installed SUSE 9.1 which is running a 2.6.x kernel and it works fine. Sounds good. I compared the modules and as far as I can tell they are the same.

good to know the hardware works ..

Just as an aside, I installed CUPS and I can't print. It says there

cups is for the birds...

manually edit /etc/printcap ... and start lprng ...
	you might need to enter into the list of local ip
	in its permission files

	you will definitely need a printer filter
	( apsfilter or magicfilter or foomatic... )

c ya

I used to use magicfilter and a hand crafted etc/printcap. Guess I'll have to go back to it. Even though, CUPS works on SUSE. Everything works on SUSE. I have a very picky dvd writer that only works in one of 5 systems I have and only works with SUSE on that system. I don't have any DVD software on Windows that will drive that writer, so I don't know if Win likes it or not. Any of the systems can create CDs on it, but not DVDs, and only one brand of DVD I've found works. But that's not a Linux issue.


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