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Re: VIA sound problem

I've been completely unable to get sound to work with Debian and any sound card, ever and I've been running Debian for years. My last attempt was the testing distro and 2.6.8 on a box with the via 82xxx card build into the MB. I fiinally got it to actually install so the /dev/dsp device was recognized and the alsa mixer must think there is something there because it lets me adjust the gain, but no noise from anything. Dumping wave files to /dev/dsp or /dev/audio doesn't even work. I've also installed SUSE 9.1 which is running a 2.6.x kernel and it works fine. Sounds good. I compared the modules and as far as I can tell they are the same. Until I installed SUSE, I had pretty much figured sound and Linux weren't gonna happen. Just as an aside, I installed CUPS and I can't print. It says there isn't anything connected to the port, however during install it went out and found the printer and reported back to me that it was the HP LaserJet 6L so at some point something found a printer connected to the port. Also K3B cant find dvd+rw-format even though it is in the same directory and has the same permissions as growisofs.
I know testing isn't perfect, but something strange is going on here.


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