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Re: VIA sound problem

Ok, oss doesn't work. Well, it plays the sound, but it's unusable for games as it is always a little bit behind (the sound of a shot hittung you 0.25 seconds after it hit you is a bit crappy if you try to play ut2004).
So I switched back to alsa.
I downloaded kernel and tried again.
The funny thing is that mplayer now works perfectly but everything else doesn't. If I use xine the sound hangs, if I use gmplayer it hangs to and the whole app crashes. If I start arts with alsa support the only thing I get is sound gibberish (the testsound starts, the first 0.25 second are played and repeatet for about 20 seconds and then it advances to the necht 0.5 seconds).
I thought compiling and running sendmail was the real test for an admin...

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