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xemacs & auctex again....

A few days ago I wrote the following message to this list (unfortunately, as a 
sender unknown by the list):
Context: Pentium 4, linux debian testing, kde.

I've just installed xemacs21 to compile latex files under kde as I'm usually 
doing with emacs & auctex in a console. But differently from emacs which 
displays a new menu when inputing a .tex file with the "command" menu the deb 
packaged xemacs21 doesn't modify the standard menu although it warns  
"loading tex-mode  DONE".

What shall I do to make xemacs21 modify its menu as soon as a .tex file is 

Ciao - Vittorio

Ralf Angeli from auctex mailing list answered suggesting to follow the 
instruction for the installation.

Well here a phylosophical issue is coming up. As a debian user I would have 
expected that the boxed deb  package had taken care automagically of all the  
installation issues as the other deb packages had done when I installed  ESS 
and the support for perl in xemacs.

From Ralf's suggestion I've now got the idea that as far as auctex is 
concerned the deb package doesn't do the installation completely. 
Am I right in this assumption?

Besides, having read the html installation instructions coming with the boxed 
package, I've looked for the default.el file in my tree but I couldn't find 
it. Furthermore I've put the (require 'tex-site) line in my $HOME/.emacs file 
to no avail! 

Please help

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