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Re: xemacs & auctex again....

* Vittorio (2004-09-20) writes:

> What shall I do to make xemacs21 modify its menu as soon as a .tex file is 
> loaded?
> Ralf Angeli from auctex mailing list answered suggesting to follow the 
> instruction for the installation.
> Well here a phylosophical issue is coming up. As a debian user I would have 
> expected that the boxed deb  package had taken care automagically of all the  
> installation issues as the other deb packages had done when I installed  ESS 
> and the support for perl in xemacs.
> From Ralf's suggestion I've now got the idea that as far as auctex is 
> concerned the deb package doesn't do the installation completely. 
> Am I right in this assumption?

The `auctex' package in Debian is supposed to be used with Emacs, not
XEmacs.  XEmacs provides AUCTeX via its own package system.

> Besides, having read the html installation instructions coming with the boxed 
> package, I've looked for the default.el file in my tree but I couldn't find 
> it. Furthermore I've put the (require 'tex-site) line in my $HOME/.emacs file 
> to no avail! 

XEmacs usually uses ~/.xemacs/init.el as its user init file.  (It can
load a ~/.emacs file or convert it to a ~/.xemacs/init.el file under
certain circumstances, though.)


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