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Can't compile apps neither burn with K3B if no-root


I have a problem when I try to compile applications. At the configure
stage it complains about not bein able to find g++ and so on:

checking for g++... no
checking for c++... no
checking for gpp... no
checking for aCC... no
checking for CC... no
checking for cxx... no
checking for cc++... no

Finally it says this:

checking if C++ programs can be compiled... no
configure: error: Your Installation isn't able to compile simple C++ programs.
Check config.log for details - if you're using a Linux distribution
you might miss
a package named similiar to libstd++-dev.


$ dpkg -l libstd*
ii  libstdc++5                3.3.4-12                  The GNU
Standard C++ Library v3
ii  libstdc++5-3.3-dev        3.3.4-12                  The GNU
Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)

I'm unable to see anything that helps me in config.log
My Debian is testing/unstable with the developement packages upgraded
to unstable. (now I'm trying to upgrade everything to Sid)

Moreover K3B is unable to see any of my CD-ROM devices if I'm not
root. I'm using UDEV.

Thanks everybody.


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