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Re: mozilla-tbird + xprint + fonts

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 07:36:18PM +0200, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> David Purton wrote:
> > Running unstable mozilla-thunderbird, recently printing has
> > started to use the wrong font for plain text emails.
> > 
> > The print preview on screen looks ok, but then when it prints
> > using Xprint a proportional font is used. In general the font
> > spacing is a bit messed up and the font used is too small.
> > 
> > Is there anyway to configure what font is used for printing of
> > emails from thunderbird? [..]
> So this is a recent problem.. hadn't realised that. I had the same
> problem (print preview in monospace, but actual print in
> proportional).
> In Mozilla & derivatives xprint's behaviour can be configured by
> means of a userContent.css file. This can also be used to obtain
> monospaced prints of mail messages.
> For details, see: http://www.jw-stumpel.nl/stestu#xprint

Thanks, this describes the problem exactly. I figured out that it was
looking at the font preferences that broke things (by trial and error -
since I noticed that the default settings printed ok)

The solution on this page seems to be more robust, thanks.



David Purton
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