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RE: Moving existing setup to a competely new server

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From: Stephen Liu [mailto:satimis@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, 22 September 2004 12:35 p.m.
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Subject: Re: Moving existing setup to a competely new server

Hi Andrea,

> If you have the option to move the HD (and the HW on
> the two servers
> are similar), you can copy your system in different
> ways (cp, cpio,
> afio), 

If the HW config is different.  Can I do it and how? 

I'm going to upgrade a workstation changing new
motherboard, new RAM, new CPU, etc.  Can I retain the
HD?  On the first booting will the PC configure itself



Depends on your kernel, usually the kernel detects new hardware on boot and re-configues as it boots, however its quite possible that NICs wont work. Otherwise unless modules have been stripped out it should boot OK.

If it does not look for the point at which it locks, transfer the drive back and use modconf to install the module manually and try again. If you know there are some diffeences, use modconf to put the module in place now before transferring the drive. The biggest risk is the disk module, but since it looks like a workstation upgrade you should be fine.

I have swapped hd's into new boxes a few times and its worked each time without issue beyond installing a new NIC module.



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