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Re: Moving existing setup to a competely new server

Hi Andrea,

> If you have the option to move the HD (and the HW on
> the two servers
> are similar), you can copy your system in different
> ways (cp, cpio,
> afio), 

If the HW config is different.  Can I do it and how? 

I'm going to upgrade a workstation changing new
motherboard, new RAM, new CPU, etc.  Can I retain the
HD?  On the first booting will the PC configure itself



> or if this isn't a viable solution, you can
> install the same
> packages on the new one (explore the dpkg options
> --get-selections
> --set-selections) and then use rsync to "sync" the
> file you want (i've
> done both way numerous times =)...
> Andrea
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