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RE: Moving existing setup to a competely new server

Hi Steven,

 - snip -

> Depends on your kernel, usually the kernel detects
> new hardware on boot and re-configues as it boots,
> however its quite possible that NICs wont work.
> Otherwise unless modules have been stripped out it
> should boot OK.

Noted with thanks.

> If it does not look for the point at which it locks,
> transfer the drive back and use modconf to install
> the module manually and try again. 

Sorry, I'm not quite clear on this point re "...use
modconf to install the module...."  Could you please
provide more detail with example.  Tks.

I think I have no place to transfer the HD back.  I
must reinstall the old motherboard, RAM, CPU, etc. (I
retain the box, graphic card, CDRom and CD writer)

> If you know there
> are some diffeences, use modconf to put the module
> in place now before transferring the drive. 

How can I find it out in advance.  Tks.

> The
> biggest risk is the disk module, but since it looks
> like a workstation upgrade you should be fine.
> I have swapped hd's into new boxes a few times and
> its worked each time without issue beyond installing
> a new NIC module.

Noted with thanks


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