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Re: VIA sound problem

On Tuesday 31 December 2002 07:05 pm, jochen wrote:

> Alsa recognizes the soundcard, after doing a "modprobe via82cxxx_audio"
> I can play sound as root.
> The problem is that I can only use mplayer to play sound, and mplayer
> hangs after playing the file for several seconds (it also hangs when
> quitting the application while playing)
> If I use xine then it plays the video part put the sound hangs.
> What's wrong? I don't get it.
> Is there a known problem with that driver?

No.  AFAIK ALSA is ALSA.  I've got a box under my umbrella with one of those 
VIA things in it, and it works fine.  Are you running aRts or esD or some 
other sound server?  That would be my first suspect.  Some kind of sharing 

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