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How to start NTPD?

In installed the NTP, as well as the ntp-docs, and for the life of me I can't
figure out how to start ntpd. There does not even appear to be an 'ntpd'
anywhere (tried 'which'), and from going over the docs I cannot find a section
on how to start/stop/restart the service, and there is no seperate 'ntpd'

I already have an NTP service running on this box, I just want my little Debian
box to be in sync with it.

On a related note, to start/stop/restart a service on my Mandrake machine, I use
the 'service' command. I somehow ended up with the impression that the
analagous command on Debian was 'dpkg-reconfigure'. I'm way off, I suspect.
Clarification on that also appreciated.


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