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On Sat, 2004-09-11 at 22:56, John Fleming wrote:
> Sorry bandwidth, but I've hit a wall trying to subscribe.  My
> previously-subscribed debian-user email stopped about August 28th, and I've
> tried everything to get it back.  I've tried UNsubscribing and SUBscribing
> from several different email addys, different ISPs, and from different
> machines.
> No matter what/where, I don't receive ANYTHING from Debian - no confirmation
> requests, no email period.

try ensuring that you send in text only format. i found difficulty when
emails were formatted in html.

> I've tried writing the listadmin.  I don't believe I'm blacklisted in any
> way.
> I don't use any filtering that would cause a problem - nothing set to delete
> anything.
> I'm relatively new and learn much from this list.  I can read it in the
> archives or using gmane, but I'd much prefer to receive standard email from
> the list.
> If someone would help or could forward this email to someone that can, I
> would gretly appreciate it.
> Thanks!  - John
> Preferred email: john@wa9als.com

Blake Swadling
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