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Re: Why did apt-get remove my equivs-made package to install gnupg?

Adam Funk wrote:
> I compiled GnuPG myself and installed it in /usr/local/.  To satisfy
> dependencies I created the following control file
> Package: gnupg-af
> Provides: gnupg
> Conflicts: gnupg
> Description: GnuPG compiled by AF.
>  GnuPG compiled by AF
> and made a package file and installed it.  A few days ago, while I was
> upgrading some KDE packages, apt-get required removing that package
> and installing the official gnupg package.  Why?
> I'd like to remove the official package and keep using my own
> compilation only, but `dpkg -i gnupg-af_1.0_all.deb` wants to remove
> gnupg and the packages that depend on it, even thought gnupg-af
> "Provides: gnupg".

Looking at the archives{sarge}[grep-available -FDepends 'gnupg (' -s 
Package,Depends], kuvert, python-gnupginterface, libgpgme11, libgpgme6, 
and echolot all have versioned depends on various versions of gnupg. 
Versioned depends can never be satisfied by a Provides[since Provides 
can't be versioned] and therefore require that the actual gnupg be 
installed.  You are probably best off just calling your equiv package 
'gnupg'[or just making a deb of your own compiled version], not 
bothering with Provides/Conflicts, and giving it a version like 

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