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Re: Why did apt-get remove my equivs-made package to install gnupg?


Adam Funk (<a24061@yahoo.com>) wrote:

> I compiled GnuPG myself and installed it in /usr/local/.  To satisfy
> dependencies I created the following control file
> Package: gnupg-af
> Provides: gnupg
> Conflicts: gnupg
> Description: GnuPG compiled by AF.
>  GnuPG compiled by AF

>From my system (Sarge):

andreas@sirius:~$ apt-cache show gnupg
Package: gnupg
Replaces: gpg-rsa, gpg-rsaref
Provides: gpg-rsa, gpg-rsaref

> and made a package file and installed it.  A few days ago, while I was
> upgrading some KDE packages, apt-get required removing that package
> and installing the official gnupg package.  Why?

Maybe your package is missing some of the additional "provides" entries.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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