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Re: Konqueror File Associations

Steven Feinstein wrote:

Kent West wrote:

Steven Feinstein wrote:

What I want to do from within Konqueror is to be able to click on a file
have it open in an application of my choosing.  For example, most videos
my machine open in kaboodle. I would prefer they open in MPlayer. Graphic
files open in kview (I think) I reprefer XnView.  And, PDFs open in KPDF
KGhostView (I forget which) I prefer xPDF.  Right now the only way to do
this is click on Open With... and select the app.  I don't want to have to
do this every time.  So, I would like to change the application that
Konqueror assoicates with a file.

You should be able to just right-click on your file, select "Open With",
choose your preferred app, and at the bottom of this window (before you
click on OK), should be something like "Remember application association
for this type of file". That should set that file type to open with your
preferred app in the future.

I agree with you.  That is what should happen.  But for some reason it's
not.  I right-click, select Open With.., Other choose my app from the
Debian menu (in this case Debian | Apps | Viewers | MPlayer).  I select
Remember Application Association and it says Updating Configuration.. and
then opens the file in MPlayer.  The next time I left click on that file,
kaboodle opens again.

I don't know if I have a setting wrong or its a permissions issue somewhere,
but the association is not staying.

I'm running Sarge with packages last updated 9/1.


Oh, now I understand what you mean by "Debian menu" vs "KDE menu". I just tried this on my Sid machine, setting a .WMV file to open in Xine (as found by browsing the Debian menu), and later when trying to open the same .WMV file, it defaulted back to Kaboodle. Hmm, interesting.

Sorry; don't have a fix. But at least you know it happens elsewhere besides just your computer.


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