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Re: First general purpose unmoderated newsgroup for Debian

rschroev_nospam_ml@fastmail.fm wrote:

>Is there a consensus about that? I mean, I've seen many people say that 
>the newsgroup gateway is unidirectional (from mailinglist to gateway), 
>and my own experience confirms that.
This is not a matter of opinions: the linux.debian.* mail2news gateway
*IS* bidirectional, full stop.

>But in another post here, Marco d'Itri (who is the administrator of 
>linux.* and runs bofh.it according to Pascal Hakim) says
>"If one reads a debian mailing list in a linux.debian.* group and
>wants to reply to the list he is supposed to followup to the newsgroup
>and NOT to directly reply to the list."
Yes. Mail replies will break threading.
The gateway is open to everyone with a valid email address, which is
something you would expect from users posting to a mailing list.
If somebody thinks that munging their address when posting to usenet
will keep it secret forever... well, they will quickly have to face
reality anyway.
The newsgroups are configured as moderated because this makes gating
easier and more robust, but posts are not manually moderated and are
either posted to the list and newsgroup after a few minutes or rejected
for technical reasons.

>"Fortunatly, linux.* *IS* a bidirectional gateway, unless your news
>server is misconfigured.".
>I'm confused. Is the gateway bidirectional and is almost everyone's news 
>server misconfigured? Is everyone doing something wrong? Or is it just me?
The number of users succesfully using with success the linux.* gateway
suggests that if there is a problem it exists only on a small number of
servers. (Actually I monitor my news server for unapproved articles, and
they are *very* uncommon nowadays.)


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