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Re: alsa + arts sound [solved]

On Tuesday 08 June 2004 12:17, Justin Guerin wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm having a problem I can't figure out with sound.  Alsa is configured
> and works properly, and so is arts, apparently.  I say this because XMMS
> plays just fine using the arts output plugin.
> However, I can't get any event sounds to play via the kcontrol interface,
> even when I test the sound from kcontrol.  But the same sounds do play
> when I use the command line (artsdsp mpg123 some.mp3).  It even plays
> while XMMS plays.  But still, no event sounds.
> I'm running sid, almost all up to date (KDE is totally up to date), using
> kernel 2.6.6 and alsa.  I'm not sure what package this problem could be
> in, so I'm not sure if this is a known bug.
> If anyone can send me a clue, I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Justin Guerin

If anyone else has similar problems, hopefully this will help.  Somehow, 
knotify was configured to NOT use arts.  My ~/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc 
had an entry that said not to use arts.  Once I changed this and restarted 
knotify, things work as expected.


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