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Re: USB harddrives and device associations

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 13:10, Darryl Clarke wrote:
> Hi,
> This may be a simple question, or complicated.
> I have a lot of USB drives that I deal with and I'm getting quite
> annoyed that whenever I switch drives the /dev/sdX association changes
> too.  I started on /dev/sda and now I'm currently on /dev/sdp and I
> have to edit my fstab every time I switch drives around.
> Even if I put it in the same port, the associated device changes.
> So, here's my question.  Is there a way to have the device associated
> be the same based on which USB port I plug it into?
> example: (one root hub '1' with 4 ports and a 4 port hub plugged into it) 
> port USB 1-1 -> /dev/sda
> port USB 1-2 -> /dev/sdb
> port USB 1-3 -> /dev/sdc
> port USB 1-4 -> this is a 4 port hub
> port USB 1-4.1 -> /dev/sdd
> port USB 1-4.2 -> /dev/sde
> port USB 1-4.3 -> /dev/sdf
> port USB 1-4.4 -> /dev/sdg
> etc.
> That is basically how it would end up after the first boot. However,
> if I unplug /dev/sda and plug in a different drive it will get
> /dev/sdh and so on.
> I dabbled in using LABEL based mounting, but unfortunately that only
> works with extfs and a lot of these drives are FAT32 so I need to have
> the dev stay consistant so I can not have to edit /etc/fstab every
> time the associated device changes.
> I'm open to any suggestions on alternate handling methods of what is
> now only a few drives, but will be in the future hundreds. (only about
> 7 to 10 plugged in at once though ;))

i have the same question. ive gotten responses on debian-user before
that reference a possible solution by using the scsitools package or the
hotplug package. ive never further explored these options, but it would
be nice to be able to plug in more than one usb device without having to
edit /etc/fstab.


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