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Re: Questions

- floppy disk = only 1.44mb per disk, easy to break
- zip disk = more than 100mb (old and new ver) harder
than floppy, the floppy drive of Mac :)

- vcd = ??? video cd is refer to movie in a cd
- dvd = dvd is the media that being used in replacment
of CD (not vcd) has more advance tech, can contains
data (or movie) up to 4g (single layer) and 8g (dual

- cd recordable = (refered to a blank cd) cd media
which can writen (files or movies)
- cd rewriteable = same as above, but has ability to
be erased and replace the data inside the cd
(depending on you refered as 'cd', in the society, it
can means the blank cd or physical cd hardware/cd

- cd rom drive = refer to a physical hardware of a cd
drive we use on our computer
- cd write = ??? (missing 'r'?) absolutely no clues
what is this

- laptop >< note book = i think both of them refer
only the language, both are the same. If you were
asking laptop and tablet pc, thats will make it more

These are my answers if one of my student asking these
sort of questions...

Quick and painless

--- olayemi ibrahim <olayemi123@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Kindly, tell me the 3 differences between these
> topics bellow.                         
>  1    floppy disk and zip disk    
>  2    vcd and dvd                      
>  3    cd recordable and rewriteable   
>  4    cd rom drive and cd write              
>  5    laptop and note book
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