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Re: Questions

olayemi ibrahim <olayemi123@yahoo.com> writes:

> 1.  (*) text/plain          ( ) text/html           
> Kindly, tell me the 3 differences between these topics bellow.                         
>  1    floppy disk and zip disk    
>  2    vcd and dvd                      

>  3    cd recordable and rewriteable   

this means  on a cd- recordable you can  write it _once_ 

a rewrite-able CD-RW you will be able to rewrite it more then once, you
can delete what is on it and write again.

>  4    cd rom drive and cd write              
a cdrom can only _read_ the CD-Rom whereas a writer is also called a
burner to burn the CD-Roms 

>  5    laptop and note book
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