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Re: Tux logo, Nvidia drivers, and framebuffer

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004, Brian Pack wrote:

> I'm making progress. By adding video=vesa vga=0x317 I get a blank screen
> up to the point that X starts. That's not a problem for now, because I
> know I'm on the right track. I'm recompiling a kernel right now that has
> vesa included, and not a module, as well as console framebuffer support.

the blank screen means you dont have the proper frame buffer defined
( same probelm as my stuff ... just need to tweek the various fb options )

> Once I get that, *then* I can start playing with the bootsplash patch.

i'd do the same tests ( same kernel ) on machines that you know worked
on other distro ( like suse-9.1 has splash by default ) so it should
work for deb's splash too
	- not all mb and not all chipsets are "the same" :-)

yup...  and when you're done .. you can come play on my brain-dead mb too
with gazillion different chipset to see which works and which does not
support tux on boot or splash

c ya

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