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Re: ursine.ca has been hijacked

Paul Johnson wrote:
Given that he's already on antipsychotics, it scares me with the kind
of people that are trusted with people's personal financial

While I don't doubt that you have reason to be angry with the fellow who hijacked your domain, I don't feel it is right to imply that taking antipsychotics makes one a bad or incompetent person.

I take five milligrams of Risperdal each day. It's the most widely prescribed antipsychotic. Without it, I would suffer from paranoia and hallucinations, and would be spending a lot of time in psychiatric hospitals. But with this antipsychotic medicine, I'm successfully self-employed as a software consultant, am happily married, and am putting my wife through art school. I've been working as a programmer for seventeen years. My life is good.

The stigma that mentally ill people face causes many to avoid seeking the treatment that would end their sufferring. It's commonly thought that psychotic people are all a bunch of serial killers, but that's actually not the case. A lot of perfectly nice people suffer from psychosis. Quite a lot of people, as one percent of the population has schizophrenia.

I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 1985. It's like being schizophrenic and manic-depressive at the same time. Besides the paranoia and hallucinations, I also experience depression and a euphoric state called mania.

I wrote a detailed article about it in large part to fight the stigma against the mentally ill. You'll find "Living with Schizoaffective Disorder" at:



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