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Re: ursine.ca has been hijacked

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Kevin Mark <kmark+debian-user@pipeline.com> writes:

> Are you are saying that the registar would not listen to your pleas?
> or to the inaccurate info?

Well, I plan on going scorched-earth with this.  Technically, neither
of us have any legal claim to ursine.ca as we are not any of the
following (which are the only people allowed to have .ca names):

A) Canadian citizen
B) Permanent Canadian resident
C) Legal representative of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
D) Corporation of Canada or related territories
E) Trust established in Canada
F) Partnership registered in Canada
G) Canadian unincorporated association
H) Canadian trade union
I) Canadian political party
J) Educational institution
K) Library, museum or archive
L) Canadian hospital
M) Recognized band under the Indian Act of Canada
N) Aboriginal people indigenous to Canada
O) Aboriginal groups indigenous to Canada
P) Canadian government
Q) Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada or successors

So hopefully the registrar will revoke the domain.  If I have any
Canadian volunteers to hold the domain for me, I'll try to get it back.
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