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Re: screen vs. multiple xterm's + remote connection

> so if you forgot to gracefully "^A d" detach a session at work
> (or kill its operating window for example) you can force a
> detach from elsewhere. suddenly, the cleaning folks at your
> office are seeing your xterm say "[remote detached]" and now yuo
> can reattach to it wherever you are. (note that your shell is
> still active, tho -- the command line where you originally asked
> for 'screen' is listening for commands.)

Just an addition to the last bit..
One handy feature of screen (usually not in an X setup) is ^a x   to
lock the terminal.
If you do this, and elsewhere screen -d -r, the first terminal will
Not show remotely detached (even though it will be) and will not show
a command prompt.
If you then work and detach at the second location (IE over ssh or
whatnot), the next morning at work when you enter your password to
unlock the screen you ^a x'ed in, it will auto reattach and pickup
where you left off.

As a side note, one should never leave their terminal unlocked.  Opens
you up to the jokes of coworkers changing your command prompt to 'moo'
and other such silly/evilness ;}

-- Jon

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