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Re: Want anonymous proxy server IP address mapping utility

listcomm@ml1.net wrote:

I've seen Squid logs where someone was giving it a bloody good go.

In any event, you didn't say _what_ you want to proxy.

Okay... well, I thought it was just common knowledge, but the various
proxy servers out there, with various degrees of "transparency" and
"anonymity" and this and that, AFAIK just receive HTTP requests on
whatever port it is this week and forward them on the "standard" port.
I supposed someone might have conjured up some method of using them
for anonymous email, but I don't see why they'd bother.


In any case, I'm just (once again...) looking for the functionality
of a couple of the Windoze utilities I've been using, in a Linux

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Squid is designed for setting up a *local*
proxy, with various forms of filtering, isn't it?  I looked through
the docs and it didn't look to me like that was what I was looking for,
but maybe I missed it.  (naaah...  Who, ME?? overlook something right
my nose?  I wouldn't do *that*...)

Squid's agnostic. Doesn't know which interface is god. Just write your ACLs the way you want, log nothing so there's not record.

If you want to sanitize content there aew Dansguardian and Squidguard.
If you want to prune headers coming and/or going there's junkbuster and a fork of junkbuster.

If course, you could have answered the Q yourself days ago, quite anonymously:-)
summer@Dolphin:~$ apt-cache search proxy | less
summer@Dolphin:~$ apt-cache search proxy | wc -l
summer@Dolphin:~$ apt-cache search anon | wc -l
summer@Dolphin:~$ apt-cache search anon | less



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