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Re: How popular is Debian (popularity contest)

John Fleming wrote:

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George Roman wrote:

" right" is a relative word. debian is the right choice for me, if others
(people who use other dist) prefer to reinstall their systems with each
new release it is their business.

Which distros need to be reinstalled for each new release?

Fedora recommended a new install when going from FC1 to FC2, and the mail
list complaints afterwards were huge.  It was strongly advised to -not- try
to upgrade using yum or rpm.  I tried the middle ground - Got the full
distro on DVD and let the anaconda installer do the upgrade.  My stuff still
needed more fixing than I knew how to do.  I've unsubscribed from that mail
list now, so I don't know the current state of the art.  Maybe FC3 will be
better, but I don't see how one could beat the way Debian works with
I'm surprised, but I left RH after 7.3. To that point, and to 9 I believe, you could upgrade back over several releases.

It has to be said, though, that Fedora isn't a real distro:-) The distros are RH EL variants, and Fedora Core is a testing ground, perhaps a little better organised than Rawhide, Cooker, Sid and such.

Enter Debian - Even though I'm a relative newbie to both Linux and Debian, I
have been VERY happily using Debian unstable for several months now.  Using
"mainstream stuff" like Apache, SpamAssassin, Mailman, SquirrelMail, ClamAV
etc.  I might try Sarge when it makes stable, but right now, I have no
reason to switch.

Don't be too surprised with Sid breaks: it does sometimes.



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