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Re: script/app to compile statistics about disk usage?

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Silvan wrote:

> cooked up.  What I want to do is look at my disks and gather statistics about 
> what is eating the most space.  Where the biggest files are, which 
> directories are the largest, etc.

What I do to see large directories is just 'du -sh *' starting at root and 
then drilling down from there.  If you want to see what the largest files 
are, you can use this Perl script that Randal Schwartz wrote:

# Usage:     bigfiles <dir> [dir ...]
# Abstract:  This script reports the top 20 largest files in one or
#            more specified directories, including subdirectories.
# By:        Randal Schwartz <merlyn@stonehenge.com>
#            From the article at
#            http://www.stonehenge.com/merlyn/UnixReview/col16.html

if ($#ARGV lt 0) {
  $0 =~ s#.*/##;
  print("Usage: $0 <dir> [dir ...]\n");
  exit 1;

use File::Find;
find (sub {
        $size{$File::Find::name} =
          -s if -f;
      }, @ARGV);
@sorted = sort {
  $size{$b} <=> $size{$a}
} keys %size;
splice @sorted, 20 if @sorted > 20;
foreach (@sorted) {
  printf "%10d %s\n", $size{$_}, $_;

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