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Re: why EsounD does not start with /etc/init.d/esound start ?

miernik@ctnet.pl wrote:
Why EsounD is not started with something like /etc/init.d/esound start
like all other daemons, only it is started as a user logs in, well, in fact I don't know very well what starts EsounD, but I have big problems with it, it's a mess-up.

I is not a "mess-up". If you are using EsounD in a multiple machine, multiple user environment (say a University computing lab), the last thing you want is to have someone send sounds to all the machines (or one machine).

First of all, I have a machine on which I want to run EsounD, but I do not run any Gnome or KDE on it, I don't even have a monitor or keyboard connected to that machine. I only log in with ssh, and even that I do rarely.

This machine has connected speakers, and what I want to do is to play sound over the network from an app running on a different machine on that machine. Otherwise I would not want a sound daemon at all.

You can set up your own /etc/init.d/esound script to start it on your system. Use the skeleton script in /etc/init.d and then use the update script to place the links to it for the run levels you want to start or stop the daemon in.

Why don't package EsounD like all other daemons, so that when I do
aptitude install esound
everything gets set-up properly and running automagically at each bootup from /etc/init.d/esound and that all users can play sound through the daemon. I find it really strange that EsounD is run as one user, becasue all other users cannot play sound through it then.

If Esound were run as a user (say user esd) that introduces one more potential security hole, and one more system user to deal with for no real benefit.



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