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Re: What's blocking Port 25?

Blindingly obvious (in retrospect) troubleshooting

Is the service supposed to run as a daemon?


Is the daemon active and listening? ....

In my rather weak defense, whenever I've seen the
"connection refused" message in the past, it was in a
different context: I was confirming that I'd shut off
a service I wanted to keep around, but didn't want to
leave running when not in use. 

And I *had* had to do things a bit differently with
Firestarter under this new install, so the issue of
open & closed ports had been planted in my brain.

Also obscuring my vision was the fact that when I'd
originate a message with mutt, exim would dutifully
accept and forward the message. This made it easier
for me to overlook the obvious question of whether the
daemon was listening on that port.


--- John Summerfield <debian@ComputerDatasafe.com.au>
> Griffin Palmer wrote:
> >Muddled thinking was also a problem! I was taking
> the
> >"connection refused" message to be a symptom that
> the
> >firewall was rejecting packets on that port. But I
> >should have remembered from my own experience (duh)
> >that one gets that message when trying to connect
> to a
> >port on which no service is listening. Sheesh.
> >
> >  
> >
> :-) I was beginning to think you uncommonly thick.
> Especially for one 
> who'd got so far.
> I'm glad it's working.
> -- 
> Cheers
> John
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