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why EsounD does not start with /etc/init.d/esound start ?

Why EsounD is not started with something like /etc/init.d/esound start
like all other daemons, only it is started as a user logs in, well, in 
fact I don't know very well what starts EsounD, but I have big 
problems with it, it's a mess-up.

First of all, I have a machine on which I want to run EsounD, but I do 
not run any Gnome or KDE on it, I don't even have a monitor or 
keyboard connected to that machine. I only log in with ssh, and even 
that I do rarely.

This machine has connected speakers, and what I want to do is to play 
sound over the network from an app running on a different machine on 
that machine. Otherwise I would not want a sound daemon at all. 

Why don't package EsounD like all other daemons, so that when I do
aptitude install esound
everything gets set-up properly and running automagically at each 
bootup from /etc/init.d/esound and that all users can play sound 
through the daemon. I find it really strange that EsounD is run as one 
user, becasue all other users cannot play sound through it then.

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