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Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox problems on Sid

Is anyone else having problems with Mozilla and/or Mozilla Firefox under
unstable?  For the last tow weeks, despite numerous dist-upgrades, I've
been unable to get either to run without frequent crashing.  At first,
Mozilla wouldn't start at all but just segfault.  I finally fixed that by
renaming the ~/.mozilla driectory.  Now, Mozilla will start - as will
Mozilla Firefox - but each crashes (simply vanishes from the screen) under
very simple browsing conditions.  For example, to make Mozilla crash, all
I have to do is try to navigate to Google: poof, the browser vanishes
after I accept (or reject) the cookie.  To crash Firefox, all I have to do
is try to view the "about" page.  These are just two examples of things
that reproduceably crash the browser: I'm sure with more experimentation,
I could cite others.  Bottom line though is that something's really wrong
here.  The browsers are essentially unuseable.  This sort of typical
browsing should not cause either browser to crash like this.  Anyone else
having these problems?  I need my graphical browser back!


PS Last apt-get update dist-upgrade was this morning.  I use Fluxbox WM -
no KDE or Gnome here.

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