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Re: newbie Usenet config question

davehathaway@yahoo.com (Dave Hathaway) wrote in message news:<2nimz-Jm-7@gated-at.bofh.it>...
> Although it is clearly reading the articles and processing them, they
> never show up in the file tree of /var/lib/news.  Plus, they never
> show up in my xnews reader when I connect to my debian box from my
> Windoze PC, although the newsgroup lists do.
> Please, a hint here on what the errors mean and how to resolve them
> would be wonderful.  Why is lmove not moving the files?  When it does,
> will NNTPd actually allow xnews to read the files?  Can that suck
> command work in my /etc/cron.d/cnews file?

I hate to hang my stupidity out for all to see, but I really do want
this to work!  It is so tantalizingly close, but I am just missing

I went to look in /etc/suck/Msgs, where suck used to stash downloaded
messages, and nothing was there.  Instead, they are now being being
stuck in /var/spool/news/Msgs.  suck's debug messages are going into
/var/spool/news/debug.suck.  Obviously, suck now thinks stuff needs to
go in /var/spool/news.

How do I get the articles from Msgs into cnews?  I gather that cnews
will use directories like /var/spool/news/linux/debian/user to hold
the articles, so how do I get lmove to put them there and then cnews
to recognize them?  I imagine it must be either a suck or lmove
switch, but which?


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