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newbie Usenet config question

I am trying to configure suck and cnews to provide a local copy of
news, so that I can pull it at night or during the times when roadrunner
is not jam packed.  After some trial and error, I am pulling the news

suck news-server.houston.rr.com -c @/etc/suck/suckcommands

where suckcommands contains

-AL /var/lib/news/active -m -bl lmove-config -E lmove.errors -D

Invoking that manually in /etc/suck creates a series of files in 
/etc/suck/Msgs in the form 01-26, 02-26, etc, each of which is an
article that has been received from the rr.com news server.

Now I am trying to use lmove to actually put them in folders that I
think cnews uses.  In lmove-config I have:


suck is actually calling lmove, as I suppose it should.  But the files
never move.  In the error file lmove.errors, I see two sorts of error

Can not open /var/lib/news/history, Skipping
***Unexpected response to command, head

430 No Such Article

**Unexpected response to command, head

430 No Such Article

(etc 10 times or so.  Then later in the error file is)

Error writing to /etc/suck/Msgs/01-26, aborting
: Invalid cross-device link
Error writing to /etc/suck/Msgs/02-26, aborting
: Invalid cross-device link

(etc, one per artcle)

Although it is clearly reading the articles and processing them, they
never show up in the file tree of /var/lib/news.  Plus, they never
show up in my xnews reader when I connect to my debian box from my
Windoze PC, although the newsgroup lists do.

Please, a hint here on what the errors mean and how to resolve them
would be wonderful.  Why is lmove not moving the files?  When it does,
will NNTPd actually allow xnews to read the files?  Can that suck
command work in my /etc/cron.d/cnews file?


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