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Re: Thanks for Debian Installer

Steve Witt wrote:
> ...
> Yeah, me too. I had to install one of the first real servers (from a
> hardware point of view) I've ever done. It has 6 IDE disks all on
> separate PCI IDE Controllers (none on the motherboard IDE channels),
> some SCSI, gigabit Ethernet and other fairly new hardware things (at
> least in my experience). I used beta4 and it ROCKS! I really wanted to
> install woody on this machine but the woody installation couldn't deal
> with the IDE configuration of this computer, so I tried the new
> installer with sarge and it worked great. I was totally speechles.
> ... This new
> installer (first time I've used it) absolutely blew me away. I'm really
> impressed, and I consider myself to be a pretty critical guy in these
> matters.

I don't suppose you managed to get it to either:

a)  Create software RAID devices without hanging, or
b)  Just mount an existing software RAID device without attempting to
recreate it?

I can't do either, and i'm sure Debian would win a die-hard convert in
me if i could just get the !@#$ thing installed.  SATA seems to be the
sticking point on my system, but i would have thought installing to an
existing md would work, since installing to an existing non-RAID
partition works.

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