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Re: Thanks for Debian Installer

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Harshwardhan Shashikant Nagaonkar wrote:

I just wanted to say thanks to the d-i guys, I used it today to install some new systems and it was just great... autodetecting everything (on a new hp-compaq d530 no less, with a broadcom network card etc.). I eventually did put woody on those machines (using systemimager) but I need something to quickly partition and get those machines up and running. I used beta2 and beta4 both and both worked great! Just thought I should publicly appreciate them what with all the flaming going around nowadays.

Thanks again,

Yeah, me too. I had to install one of the first real servers (from a hardware point of view) I've ever done. It has 6 IDE disks all on separate PCI IDE Controllers (none on the motherboard IDE channels), some SCSI, gigabit Ethernet and other fairly new hardware things (at least in my experience). I used beta4 and it ROCKS! I really wanted to install woody on this machine but the woody installation couldn't deal with the IDE configuration of this computer, so I tried the new installer with sarge and it worked great. I was totally speechless!

I've been a Unix user since 1989 with Suns and have been using Debian since buzz, am a software developer and run a software development lab with about 100 Debian PCs and a few token Suns. I've installed various Debian versions on a pretty wide range of desktops and laptops. This new installer (first time I've used it) absolutely blew me away. I'm really impressed, and I consider myself to be a pretty critical guy in these matters.

My compliments on a truly outstanding job!

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