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Re: How to set time

Jonathan Matthews <jaycee@jaycee.uklinux.net> writes:

> David P James had the gall to say:
>> Considering that the user is (1) on ALO and (2) using a Windows 
>> mailer (ALO it looks like) I have my doubts that the above is much 
>> help...
> Agreed.  Does anyone else find it easy to filter out such obvious 
> "noise" solely on where the text versus the header appears in mutt?

Filtering is handled by an MDA, like procmail, not MUAs like mutt.

>> On a related note, what's with all these LOA users asking about 
>> removing ALO a.r.t files?
> Text above is obfuscated a touch to avoid what I'm about to describe.
> I reckon it's a vicious circle - they google/$BIG_ISP_SEARCH_ENGINE for 
> the phrase "ALO a.r.t file" and since - waaaaaay back - someone asked on 
> debian-user about it and d-u is presumably a fairly well-respected 
> source in google's eyes, they get pointed here.  Cycle repeats itself, 
> leading to more and more OLA-users making their way to d-u to ask that 
> one question.

But why are they googling in the first place when anybody with a brain
would call that BBS's support hotline?

> Has anyone dealt with a mom/pop/mum/dad and actually *solved* this 
> problem?  Where /should/ they go for instructions?

I solved it a long time ago for a teacher I had in high school.  And
it's *really* obvious.

1. Get a real ISP.
2. Uninstall proprietary BBS's software, cancel the account and most
   importantly, most BBSs that charge, America Online included, will
   keep charging you unless you also call your credit card company and
   place a charge block against them.  BBSs that charge don't tend to be
   legitimate businesses and they know it...
3. Enjoy, and pocket half of what you used to pay the BBS.

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