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Re: How to set time

David P James had the gall to say:
> Considering that the user is (1) on ALO and (2) using a Windows 
> mailer (ALO it looks like) I have my doubts that the above is much 
> help...

Agreed.  Does anyone else find it easy to filter out such obvious 
"noise" solely on where the text versus the header appears in mutt?

> On a related note, what's with all these LOA users asking about 
> removing ALO a.r.t files?

Text above is obfuscated a touch to avoid what I'm about to describe.

I reckon it's a vicious circle - they google/$BIG_ISP_SEARCH_ENGINE for 
the phrase "ALO a.r.t file" and since - waaaaaay back - someone asked on 
debian-user about it and d-u is presumably a fairly well-respected 
source in google's eyes, they get pointed here.  Cycle repeats itself, 
leading to more and more OLA-users making their way to d-u to ask that 
one question.

I keep meaning to set up a simple "Hello, user of $BIG_ISP.  Here's 
where to go to get info on your a.r.t. files" page and post a link to it 
in reply to future questions on this subject.

Has anyone dealt with a mom/pop/mum/dad and actually *solved* this 
problem?  Where /should/ they go for instructions?  Please avoid the 
unobfuscated versions of the words ALO and a.r.t. in your reply!


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