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Somewhat OT [maybe], but I have a logging problem related to ClamAV, and I
haven't received a single response to my post on that list.  Anyone know
what's wrong with this (below)?

Using Debian Unstable, ClamAV 0.74 from unstable dist.

I seem to remember that when I first started using ClamAV, the clamav.log
file mostly contained information about viruses being found and was
otherwise sparse.  However, now my clamav.log file has Postfix, CRON, and
spamd entries, and I don't find anything about clamav activity.  A log
snippet looks like this:

Jul 28 10:49:48 Luke postfix/smtpd[25001]: disconnect from
 Jul 28 10:49:49 Luke spamd[25096]: identified spam (20.3/5.0) for
phyllis:1005 in 0.9 seconds, 3156 bytes.
 Jul 28 10:49:49 Luke postfix/local[25003]: 9D43E2B417D:
to=<user@somedomain.org>, relay=local, delay=2, status=sent (delivered to
command: /usr/bin/procmail)

Where to look for why this is like it is instead of logging clamav activity?
In clamav.conf, the log is set to this file, i.e.
/var/log/clamav/clamav.log.  I am using clamscan instead of clamd - Is that
why??  Thanks - John

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