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Re: Couple Questions Before I install for first time.

Thanks everyone that replied to this, apparently it is easier then I
thought to get everything I want on the install. Hopefully I should not
run into any problems and it will all go smooth if not I know I can come
here and get some help.
A couple of you replied saying Sarge is the way to go and not Woody?
Is sarge stable and secure enough for a live server? This server is not a
test box but rather my everyday server that I need, so what is everyones
opinion on sarge in a live environment? And is it going to replace woody
as the stable release anytime soon?

> On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 09:15:37PM -0400, Jason G Skala wrote:
>> I have a Intell LX440GX+ Motherboard with Dual PIII 500's running
>> software
>> raid currently, I have found some great articles on getting the Software
>> Raid portion to work with debian so I think I am ok on that. My real
>> concern
>> is getting the SMP Kernel working with it, and I have yet to really find
>> any
>> good examples or docs on this. I am not new to linux but new to debian,
>> I am
>> used to Red Hat were I have a GUI install and select SMP kernel and that
>> is
>> it. Now is there an easy way to get a SMP kernel for debian or should I
>> just
>> plan on creating my own from source?
> At the lab, we have two relatively new dual-Xeon machines and three
> older dual-P3 machines.  Most are SCSI, one is SATA.  All of them run
> various flavors of either Woody (stable) or Sarge (testing).  As other
> people have described, installing the SMP kernel is nearly painless.
> If you install Woody/stable, looks like the most recent Intel SMP
> kernel is 2.4.18.  After installing, do:
> apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-686-smp
> If you install Sarge/testing, the most recent Intel 2.4 kernel is:
> apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.26-1-686-smp
> The recent versions of debian-installer are very nice.  As long as you
> have at least a DSL connection, let me suggest that you burn a CD with
> one of the latest Sarge network install ISO images and install w/ that:
> http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/daily/i386/current/
>> The motherboard has a built in Adaptec aic7896/97 Ultra2 SCSI adapter,
>> is
>> this supported by default without any trouble?
> I've got a dual-P3 running Debian Sarge with a Adaptec aic7890/91
> Ultra2 SCSI adapter.  A while back it was running Woody w/o trouble.
> Driver appears to cover all AIC7xxx cards:
> Adaptec AIC7xxx driver version: 6.2.36
>> Also I have an intel Nic card 82559 that uses the e100 module/driver and
>> have read that this can be trouble some to get to working any info that
>> some
>> one can provide to me on that as well.
> One of the dual-Xeons had an e1000; debian-installer recognized it,
> but it wasn't properly set up.  I had to add 'e1000' to /etc/modules.
> Though, I've heard that this was probably fixed in recent versions of
> debian-installer.
> Issues you've heard of were probably w/ the Woody installation.  I was
> never able to successfully install woody myself (though I knew less
> about Debian then).  Sarge install is much easier and it is likely to
> become the new 'stable' in the next month or two.
> Jason
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