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Re: Couple Questions Before I install for first time.

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 09:15:37PM -0400, Jason G Skala wrote:
> I have a Intell LX440GX+ Motherboard with Dual PIII 500's running software
> raid currently, I have found some great articles on getting the Software
> Raid portion to work with debian so I think I am ok on that. My real concern
> is getting the SMP Kernel working with it, and I have yet to really find any
> good examples or docs on this. I am not new to linux but new to debian, I am
> used to Red Hat were I have a GUI install and select SMP kernel and that is
> it. Now is there an easy way to get a SMP kernel for debian or should I just
> plan on creating my own from source?

At the lab, we have two relatively new dual-Xeon machines and three
older dual-P3 machines.  Most are SCSI, one is SATA.  All of them run
various flavors of either Woody (stable) or Sarge (testing).  As other
people have described, installing the SMP kernel is nearly painless.

If you install Woody/stable, looks like the most recent Intel SMP
kernel is 2.4.18.  After installing, do:

apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-686-smp

If you install Sarge/testing, the most recent Intel 2.4 kernel is:

apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.26-1-686-smp

The recent versions of debian-installer are very nice.  As long as you
have at least a DSL connection, let me suggest that you burn a CD with
one of the latest Sarge network install ISO images and install w/ that:


> The motherboard has a built in Adaptec aic7896/97 Ultra2 SCSI adapter, is
> this supported by default without any trouble?

I've got a dual-P3 running Debian Sarge with a Adaptec aic7890/91
Ultra2 SCSI adapter.  A while back it was running Woody w/o trouble.
Driver appears to cover all AIC7xxx cards:

Adaptec AIC7xxx driver version: 6.2.36

> Also I have an intel Nic card 82559 that uses the e100 module/driver and
> have read that this can be trouble some to get to working any info that some
> one can provide to me on that as well.

One of the dual-Xeons had an e1000; debian-installer recognized it,
but it wasn't properly set up.  I had to add 'e1000' to /etc/modules.
Though, I've heard that this was probably fixed in recent versions of

Issues you've heard of were probably w/ the Woody installation.  I was
never able to successfully install woody myself (though I knew less
about Debian then).  Sarge install is much easier and it is likely to
become the new 'stable' in the next month or two.


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