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Re: Encrypted wireless

Jason Rennie wrote:


I have a wireless DSL router set up at home.  I currently don't use
encryption, so it's essentially a free-for-all and I've noticed some
freeloaders and the router doesn't provide any way to restrict access
other than by setting up encryption (side question: anyone know of a
wireless router that can restrict access by MAC address?).

A couple of ideas. More maybe:-)
1. Turn down the power.
2. Locate the device further from the freeloaders
3. Shield it with some alfoil or similar.
4. Give it a parabolic reflector to make it more directional, away from the freeloaders.

You can make a reflector yourself, I've seen a pattern on the net.

I think that if you get some unbent card and press straight on the ends:

when it warps that it forms a parabola. I haven't passed this by anyone with the skills to prove/disprove it, but it looks a good match for the pattern I saw.

If you can recall the formula for a parabola (or google for it), you can draw a pattern for yourself.



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