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Re: Warning: Possible Bug in BIOS DELL Latitude D400_A06 !

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 15:50:07 +0200, Kent West wrote:

> After several attempts to convince Dell the problem was with their 
> hardware (firmware), and not with me running unsupported OSes, they sent 
> me a beta version of a BIOS which fixed my problem.
> Now I read this posting of yours, and I have to wonder if Dell's BIOS 
> team is focused on getting something out the door that works with 
> WindowsXP instead of being focused on producing quality code.

I'm quite disappointed by DELL; another time. These are two different

 - support Linux 
 - provide decent hardware that permits the user and system administrator
    to use / support Linux

I actually thought they'd be grateful for that (possible) bug report (the
BIOS came out a few days back) and investigate if there was anything to
it or a case- / machine-specific trouble.

This is their 'encouraging' reply:

"Dear Uwe,
Thank you for contacting us at Dell Asia Pacific Customer Center
(Dell APCC) via website. 
It appears that this issue is related to software(Linux).  Unfortunately
this product is not supported by Dell, and we do not have complete
information regarding this product. 

Please contact the manufacturer or the vendor from where you
purchased the software, they will be able to assist you to resolve
the issue.  

I'm sorry I'm not able to assist you further.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further
Thank you once again for providing me an opportunity to serve
you as our Valued Customer, Hope I have been some help to you."

This is both arrogant and wrong. Once again, I'm not into asking for
support of Linux. But referring me back to "the manufacturer or the
vendor" is just that. My DELL Latitude D400 works with the originally
supplied BIOS, but doesn't work with a specific, newly introduced BIOS
from DELL. A minimal common sense indicates a hardware- /
firmware-problem. Not one of XFree86.
This reminds me of the issue 'fair use'. I don't buy a PC that works with
XP only; but when I buy one, I buy a piece of hardware that is supposed to
work with x86-software. Any x86-software. And if DELL is not willing to
sell standard x86 hardware that runs x86-software; but instead sells
hardware that is only guaranteed to run XP, I'll never ever buy or
recommend this company again. 2 sen and YMMV, as usual.

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