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Re: Strange 'oe' character on plain console

Vincent Lefevre wrote at Wednesday 28 July 2004 15:16:

> On 2004-07-28 11:43:08 +0200, Grischa Stegemann wrote:

>> Whenever I use a program which draws an user interface by ascii line
>> characters (e.g. aptitude) instead of all the border lines this
>> strange combined 'oe' character is printed everywhere.
> There are no line characters in ASCII. These are semi-graphic
> characters of the alternate character set (ACS).
> [...]
> Yes, the console is configured with TERM=linux, and the linux
> terminfo do not support the ACS ("tput enacs" fails). This is
> probably a bug, since the font contains these characters.

Then I would think that a lot of people are supposed to have the same problem
and that simply one package need to be corrected/updated. Which package is

> solution is to use another value for TERM (e.g. xterm) in the
> console, but other problems may occur. A better solution is
> to modify the linux terminfo (it isn't necessary to be root).

Doesn't matter if it needs to become root. Since I'm interested in one global
solution I'd like to fix this for the whole system not just for any particular
user. I just looked at the terminfo manpage, it's huge! ;-)

Thanks for the hint first of all.

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