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Re: Strange 'oe' character on plain console

On 2004-07-28 11:43:08 +0200, Grischa Stegemann wrote:
> Since I've installed Sarge I have the following strange effect on
> the plain text console:
> Whenever I use a program which draws an user interface by ascii line
> characters (e.g. aptitude) instead of all the border lines this
> strange combined 'oe' character is printed everywhere.

There are no line characters in ASCII. These are semi-graphic
characters of the alternate character set (ACS).

> It's only on the console, not in any terminal within a X window.

Yes, the console is configured with TERM=linux, and the linux
terminfo do not support the ACS ("tput enacs" fails). This is
probably a bug, since the font contains these characters. A
solution is to use another value for TERM (e.g. xterm) in the
console, but other problems may occur. A better solution is
to modify the linux terminfo (it isn't necessary to be root).


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