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Re: Mysterious entries in daemon log, mail.log; should I worry?

On 07/27/04 21:30, Uli Paul wrote:
Hi Ralph,

what does your /etc/inet.conf file look like? Are the entries for imapd and the others commented out (# sign at the beginning of the line)? Did you run any mail client at that time?


PS Please CC to me, as I do NOT regulary read the list.

Thanks Uli!  Answers:

cat: /etc/inet.conf: No such file or directory

The only mail client that runs is mozilla-thunderbird, which runs every 10 mins to fetch mail. Of course exim runs its default cron job every 15 mins configured for local mail.

On a probably unrelated note, I've logged 40 failed login attempts via ssh as root, guest, user and admin in the past few days, but none during the time period in question. (Of course remote root logins are disabled.)


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